My working experience with Windows and Linux/Unix:

windows=helpdesk job=$30-40K per year
linux=programming and server/application job=$100K+ per year

If all you "Burger King" gamer fools want to stick with the simple OS made for dummies, then I guess you'll never amount to anything, well maybe fry supervisor. And you may find yourself driving that beatup old '70s toyota corolla when you're 45.

Okay, a little harsh. Windows/dos has some benefits for making good money. You can program with it too. BUT most of you do not know how. And you can become IT Engineers building and designing a LAN with Active Directory and MetaDirectory. BUT most of you dont know how. We know because professionals do not have the desire to bash another OS. They work hand in hand in corporations to make $$$$$$$$$.

You otta think about moving on from Burger King and learn a trade for the new millenium. With a linux machine, that you can make yourself, you can become a DNS admin, C/C++ programmer, DBA, security get the idea. Make some money! Get a Porcshe, a blonde, or many blonds, a big house with parties all the time. Linux has more to offer to improve the quality of your life-> more gain fool!!!!!!!

I like windows too, I'm using it right now, but I also used the linux box for my DNS server here at home (cost=$7 to make). And yes, I earn a cool 6 digits!

L8r fools!!!!