I get 2 dif. readings for my cpu temp.The asus probe will say 51c at idle.If I reboot and enter the bios the hardware sensor says it is only at 31c.The mobo temps. are the same in bios and asus probe.Now I ran stress test 10 times in a row then ran sisoft and after that 3dmark-2001se.Not a single error!At full load with virus scan or stress test the cpu hits 61c.If I reboot right away and enter bios it says it is 41c.I check sisoft and it says the same as bios!I o'clock to 1650 and the temp went to 68c-full load 51c at idle.The bios says 48.5 at full(reboot quickly) and 31c at idle.I won't to o'clock to 1650(it runs stable) but I am not sure of these mixed readings.I think the probe is messing up whatta ya think?Comments or suggestions?Peace!
Here is the sis--------------
Asus P4t-e !850 socket 478(Williamette & Northwood)
Stock heatsink & fan
P4 1.5 gig-1.75v
Thermal pad(ordered Artic Silver3 today!)
pc800 syncMax non-ecc. 256mb rdram
SoundBlaster Live MP3+ 5.1
U.S. Robotics ext. 56k x2 modem
VisionTek G3 (original)
Hydrolic full ATX and extended-case with 420watt P4 PSU
19" CTX monitor
Standerd Keyboard and mouse