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Thread: Win 95- WIN 98 Question

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    Win 95- WIN 98 Question

    I have a PC running Win 95 , I would like to wipe it off and put Win 98 on. I have the CD for Win 98 but it is "for new computers only". Can I Install it by simply reformating the PC and running setup? Do I somehow need to update the BIOS? I tried to install Win98 already (by formating and running setup) but the puter would hang at the Windows 98 splash screen . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You might mention what kind of computer you have. Some are kinda propritary and I am not familar with these machines.

    How much ram do you have installed?...Win98 likes about 64 mb at least.

    A new format is best, and during fdisk, choose large disk, which is 32 bit? FAT system, where as Win95 used 16 bit FAT system. The "for new computers only" mean that those cd disks were sold to a computer builder somewhere that had a license from Microsoft to install the OS on hard disks in computers to be sold. There should be no difference between these and one bought from a supplier.

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    You are hanging because windows 98 thinks it is reinstalling itself on itself. You are having version conflicts between system files.

    Reformat and god will be in his heaven, assuming you have an actual OEM Win98 CD and you also have a correct certificate of authenticity.

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