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Thread: Computer Difficulties with Programs and Color Fixture..

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    Computer Difficulties with Programs and Color Fixture..

    Well last night, the computer kinda froze and I just did the alt/ctrl/del to restart it, however I just switched it off..not waiting for it to load up again.

    This morning I got on and the colors of the background kept switching different colors, red, pink, green, blue, invert, etc.

    I got online and same goes with the options at the top, I've tried a few games that I usually play and they now comes up as illegal operation and just don't work again. I've tried uninstalling them and reinstalling them a few times and restarting many times. Shutting down and waiting before getting back on.

    None of these I have to reinstall windows?

    Using Win 98 btw.

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    Sounds like something is corrupted in windows, maybe a driver. Try re-installing your video drivers. If that doesn't work, and you can afford to, format your harddisk and re-install windows. Starting fresh is good, any corrupted files will be replaced.

    *note* make sure you have everything you need (bootdisks etc.) before you format and re-install windows.

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    Make sure your video card is seated properly. Open your computer case and make sure it doesn't wiggle at all. If it does, push it firmly and re-seat it.

    This is especially important if you have an AGP video card.

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