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Thread: 40GB-7200RPM, 60GB 5400RPM, or 60GB 7200RPM

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    40GB-7200RPM, 60GB 5400RPM, or 60GB 7200RPM

    Ok i have come across 3 choices for my new hard drive and i'm need to ask a couple of questions. But first here's the drives i'd like to get

    Seagate UATA 100, 40gb 7200RPM $77
    Seagate UATA 100, 60GB 5400RPM $96
    Seagate UATA 100, 60GB 7200RPM $107

    First off I know 5400 is slower but is it worth the extra for the 7200? I make very little money(i'm 15) so it takes me about 3 weeks to save up enough for the price difference between the 7200 40gb and the 5400 60gb. And then another 2 for the 7200 gb. So is it worth the extra wait cause i need hd space pretty soon(i've got a 4gb and i've got only 500mb left).

    Second is my choice with going Seagate a good one, i like them cause my current drive is almost 4 years old and it has absolutly no errors on the disk . I'm just out of space. Or should i go with Maxtor, WD, or IBM(for the 60gb 7200RPM, cause its cheaper).

    Thanks for any help.
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