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Thread: No Post on a K7S5A w/ XP1700+

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    No Post on a K7S5A w/ XP1700+

    Howdy folks, I have a ECS K7S5A mainboard, a single 512 meg ddr2100 stick of ram, Diamond Viper 2 graphics card, 60gb IBM hddrv, and an Athlon XP 1700+ processor. I've flashed the bios on the mainboard to update the bios to accept XP processors of 2000+ using an athlon 1.33ghz. It boots just fine using that processor, but when I pop in my 1.7, it doesn't even post. I've tried 4 different roms to flash to the bios, and none of them work, I was wondering if any of you have had similar problems, or know what I could try? Thanks for your time,


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    Read alot of negative things about this board might work okay for awhile then start crapping out there is a problem with it concerning the post believe it was with the fsb. If you can return it for something like a shuttle, epox or iwill board less aggravation, probably didn't pay much for it but your paying more for aggravation.

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    A suggestion:
    As the new XP's use a "fiberglass" type of substrate versus the old ceramic, try firmly holding the new processor down in the socket(pressing in the center portion) prior to engaging the socket clamp. I've heard of instances where this made a difference with the "flexible" new XP's...It's been reported that the XP can warp to a degree that the center portion will not achieve good contact with the socket connections. Worth a try...
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    Did you try your athlon xp 1700 chip on another board, maybe it's no good.
    You didn't have to flash the BIOS for this cpu, only for the athlon xp 2000. Your board should have accepted this cpu without flashing the most current BIOS.

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