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Thread: I forgot my power on password!

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    I forgot my power on password!

    I've got an IBM thinkpad 760ED that a friend was using and when he returned it I sat it on the shelf a long time. When I got it out I realized I don't have a clue what the password used to be!!! I know on some brands if you disconnect the CMOS battery for a period of time it will reset the password, I also know that like on Toshiba laptops you need to make a "key disk" and disconnecting the battery does no good!
    Help, before I start tearing this thing apart!!!!

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    You can go here and possibly find what you need. Have never tried, just have it "just in case"...Regards,
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    Just one thing.... I think on most laptops you have to enter the power-on-pass BEFORE it even starts booting ot checks for a disk.
    So if that doesn't work the best thing to do (I think) would be to contact technical support, since they'll probably have a way to disable the protection.....

    Good Luck

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