Just got My SOYO SY-K7V Dragon Plus mobo, Atholon XP 1900 CPU, 2 IBM 7200 RPM 60 Gb Hard Drives.

This is a Bit lengthy - PLEASE READ - and HELP

1st problem: When I changed the FSB to 133 I would get NO video. The CPU is 133 x 12 - 1600. If I leave it at 100 FSB I could get a boot screen.

2nd problem: I am having difficulty understanding how to configure my HD's and CD-RW/DVD for a RAID 0 set up.
I have a CD-RW, DVD, 2 ea IBM 60 GB drives, a 30 Gb Maxtor and a Zip drive.

What I want to do is configure the 2 IBM drives for RAID 0 and
use the 30 GB drive as an Auxillary Drive to manually back up critical data. ( I am also backing up data across a network).

What I tried was to put the 30Gb Wd as primary and Zip 100 as secondary on IDE 1, The CD-RW and DVD on IDE 2, and then each 60 Gb OBM drives, as masters on IDE 3 & 4.

I don't know if this is the correct way to configure all these pieces. This is where the REAL PROBLEM occured.

I was able to set up the array using the SOYO configuration screen. Once i got past that I attempted to fdisk the drives and partition them. I did create on large partition (I think).

Then, perhaps this is where i did a stupid thing, I attempted to us Partition Magic 7.0 with the hopes I could partition the drives as I would like, because I read fdisk has limitations above 60 Gb. Anyway when I booted to the partition magic disks I seemed to make it all the way to the end of the second didk and then the screen flashed and began to fill with all sorts of data, memory errors ...... After that when I attempt to reboot the PC I get nothing .. No Beep .. NO BIOS post ....
I cleared the CMOS .. nothing ... I removed everything and tried again ... nothing. It seems my motherboard is dead ... or perhaps the bios got destroyed.

I know this is a long post but I will really appreciate any help.

1) Any idea as to what I did? Could partition Magic have squashed my BIOS? Does it sound like a BIOS problem?

2) What is the best way to configure my hardware for RAID 0 with and auxillary drive for backups? Should my configuration work, if I have a working motherboard?

3) How should I go about partitioning my drives once I get things working?

Thanks for any and all help!