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Thread: Best chipset and Motherboard for AMD?

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    Best chipset and Motherboard for AMD?

    Whats up all. I am going to be building a PC in the next few weeks and I am thinking of using the Amd XP chip. As far as mobos I think I want an ASUS just cause I have heard good things about them. But I dont know which to get? I know that I want to use the DDR ram. Please if you have any opinions post them. Thank you all

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    Currently, the best chipset out is the Via KT266A. The 'A' at the end is very important, as the regular KT266 is older and does not perform well. Unfortunately, I do not think Asus has a board with that chipset yet. I would recommend the Epox 8KHA+ motherboard, but if you must get an Asus, get one with the AMD760 chipset (A7M266). Another board you might want to take a look at is the Abit KG7-Raid.

    I'm currently awaiting the arrival of my new Epox 8KHA+ which should be coming on tuesday
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    I would say the any cheap sis 745 mobo is good, especially the new leadtek one with lots of oc features. if it is under $70, it's the best performance/cost value out there. the epox 8kha + is great, but can be double of a single sis 745 board (ecs ks75a)

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    Asus has a board that should release within a few weeks with the KT266-A chipset. Its called the A7V266-E, and has onboard sound and RAID. I think its worth waiting for.

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    If you really require RAID, remeber that the onboard offerings are "lite" versions, not permitting full capabilites (ie 0+1) as a add on controller card. The onboard also utilizes the cpu more, requiring more system resources to run this "lite" RAID function.

    I too used to be diehard Asus fan, but the VIA issues, and Asus unwillingness to provide even modicum of customer satisfaction/tech support (course, they're all gettin' that way), so I can hardly justify the premium for the name.

    Personally, I had been waiting for the NFarce, but it has taken too long, nor do I want anything onboard, hence I have decided to try the Leadtek Winfast 7350 kda. With the mul;tipliers, dividers, and AMI bios, I sure wanna try pc333 (ddr 2700) memory and 166 (or higher) fsb settings.

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    I would recommend the EPOX board as well..Very nice board.

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    Dputiger, glad to see I'm not one of the only ones left haunting these halls.

    And I would say that the Epox is a very nice board too.

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