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Thread: How to make dos boot disk..??

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    How to make dos boot disk..??

    I wanted to upgrade with my new MS Win XP Home upgrade.
    I happened to be using Win2000 Pro and my upgrade won't work with Win2000. I need to get my Win2000 off and install Win Me or Win98 before my upgrade will install. How do I get Dos boot disk in order for me to get dos prompt to do fdisk and reformat my hard drive?
    I want to get my Win2000 operating system off my computer.
    Can someone help me?

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    Go here. Download it and use it to your heart's content! Enjoy XP!


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    If you still have your crash disk for Win 98, it has what you need including CD Rom Driver. It is a boot disk. Look at the help section. It is something like "format /s" that formats and gives you system files only.

    This should do ya!

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    Have you thought of just duel booting? This way if you don't like XP Special Ed. you won't have to reformat again and install 2k again.
    On a side note, XP spec. ed. is pretty much a face lift for 2k. Except, older hardware and software are more compatible with 2k. Better see if you can find some drivers for your hardware for XP before installing it.

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