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Thread: Some one help me

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    Some one help me

    for several day My computer had been attacked by a virus and right now I can't boot ven on the floppy drive or in my CDROM drive

    what I have to do

    There is a very very very very very very very very very very important data on my HDD how can I at least reach my data

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    sorry no-one here has responded to your request.

    The first thing to do is TURN IT OFF!!!!!

    The best way to get the file you need is to place the HD in another PC, and get the data off that way.

    Sounds pretty bad.

    Good luck
    Did I say that out loud?

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    When restarting check the BIOS config. and allow boot-up only to the floppy drive which should contain a clean boot-up O.S. sector.

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