I run a small server on my network, and have now setup Personal Web Server so my webpages can be accessed from the internet. Problem is that the server is on dialup for the time being. Every time I connect, I get a different IP address. The pages can be accessed as long as I know the IP. My ISP, for whom I also work for, does not sell Static IPs for dialup. Im still teaching myself these things, so Im holding on Broadband access for now. What I need to know is that is there a way to access the server without knowing the IP, or is there a way to find out the IP of the server from a remote location. Only a few people use it, so its nothing fancy, I just want a setup that will allow them to access the server without having to get me to run winipcfg and tell the IP before they can get in. Is this possible without a static IP? Thanks.