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    I would be most grateful if you could help me with the following

    I am conducting research into virtual reality and stereo displays. At the moment I can use a variety of software packages such as games (Quake etc) running DirectX or the World Toolkit running OpenGL to create stereo images i.e. left and right eye views of a scene. Currently these two images are viewed with shutter glasses on a single monitor (we use an NVidia chipset
    card for the DirectX applications and an Elsa Gloria XL for the OpenGL ones and the shutter glasses are the Elsa Revelator type)

    For the next stage of our research we need to direct the left and right images to separate monitors and so now need to consider dual monitor support video cards but it is not obvious to us how a video card can be instructed to do this.

    Are you able to supply any information or software in the form of a SDK that would allow your product to take the information being sent to it in either DirectX or OpenGL format (preferably both) and send the left and right images to separate monitor outputs (presumably these correspond to even and odd fields of the video signal) - perhaps by the use of a dual buffer product?

    Thanking you in anticipation of your help

    With best wishes

    Fu Yu

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