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Thread: Sharky Extreme, Hardware Central, and web site funding--read this.

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    Sharky Extreme, Hardware Central, and web site funding--read this.

    I want to make very clear what I'm saying here--who I'm attacking and who I'm not.

    I'm not attacking you personally, Gus. I don't know you.

    I'm also not attacking for having to respond to the realities of the current financial situation.

    But let's face it--hardwarecentral and Sharkyextreme have both been gutted. Sharky's rarely publishes any more, and when they do, its almost always Vince Freeman alone. Similarly, Hardware Central, at best, cranks out one article a week.

    I haven't seen Sander Sassen at HardwareCentral for a while (though he may still be around) but I already know that the main man behind Sharky's left earlier this year.

    Now Scott is gone from Sysopt, and Sysopt itself is slipping. There hasn't been an article published here in over a month.

    I'm not saying this is your fault Gus, in any way shape or form, but needs to look carefully at its strategy. Gutting formerly-loved sites is not the answer, and frankly, Sharky's and Hardwarecentral don't cut it anymore.

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    Outstanding post.

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    4,067 has destroyed enough sites and we will not tolerate our favorites site being destroyed any longer!

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    Sander Sassen is at this site now. It started up a few months ago.

    ------- What is the point of buying great sites and just letting them fall into disrepair and oblivion?
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