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Thread: My s3Savage4 and OpenGL

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    Deamons J

    My s3Savage4 and OpenGL

    My S3Savage4 has got the latest drivers (I spent hours looking on the internet for a copy) but all my games say that it doesn't support OpenGL, to mention but a few: QuakeII, QuakeII: ground Zero, Half-Life, Half-Life: Oppossing force, Half-Life:Blue Shift, etc.

    And other games I have can't even detect any hardware!

    So ask me any questions further that you want if you think you know why (or even how to stop this happening).

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    What's your mobo, chipset, and CPU? Do you have the latest drivers for your chipset?

    Have you installed DirectX 6 or better?

    Quake 3 should work fine. The savage 4 is a decent opengl card, although directX performance is weak.

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    Usually the card works fine with the driver which got installed, but sometimes you might have some problem, coz S3 support really sux
    Anyway, I got here working OpenGL driver which worked fine with my old S3 Savage4 and the whole bunch of the games you mentioned here, weights about 700kb, so mail me and I'll send it to you.

    Best Regards ...

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