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Thread: Two computers for LAN - HELP!

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    Two computers for LAN - HELP!


    In my office I use a 1.4 GHz TBird, Iwill KK266Plus mobo, Win98se, 2 IBM HDDs, dualhead (Matrox G450) vidcard for two displays, a few other components along with a USB Visioneer flatbed scanner and an HP LaserJet printer. I tried hooking a Xerox WorkCentre (fax / scanner / color printer) to my system. The Xerox printer and fax worked, but the flatbed scanner and the scanner in the Xerox would not work together (both TWAIN devices). I want to utilize both types of scanners as one will scan a stack of documents unattended while the other (flatbed) is a must for certain types of scanning, e.g., book pages.

    I have the components to put together a Celly 466 MHz in a seperate box a few feet from my TBird system, and the Celly box will fit nicely on a shelf beneath the Xerox WorkCentre. I figured the best way to run both scanners is to hook the Xerox WorkCentre up with the aforementioned Celly box (very low maintenance system, it seems to me) and NETWORK it to my TBird box. This will allow me to utilize both scanners, both printers, etc. via the network from the TBird box that sits on my desk.

    I've only set up a LAN once: wireless between a laptop and a PIII. I've never set up a network using cables and have no idea how to accomplish this.

    In a nutshell, what do I need to network the two boxes in order to accomplish the above? I would like to run the ("connecting") cables a couple feet leading from TBird on desk, down to floor, up over closet door frame, then a couple feet along baseboard to shelf near floor where Celly box will reside (I figure 25'-30' in total at most). Is this a relatively straighforward "office improvement" project? I sincerely appreciate any help from you network gurus!

    Any brand names as well as favorite sites to purchase from would greatly be appreciated. A list of necessary components would be very helpful (I have plenty of available PCI slots).

    One last question (honest): I presently have my TBird hooked to the Internet. Will this in any way interfere with my above described networking goals?



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    Hi Brangwen..maybe just another thought for you..and maybe a space/headache saver. While networking the two is relatively straight forward..especially when you have no need for the net from the second computer...there is a potential problem sharing the may want to consider a KVM switch (keyboard/video/mouse) need for a second monitor etc, and the second box can be close by. When you want to use the other computer..switch to it..start the program..and switch back to your bad boy and carry on..

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    I would hook the scanner up to the cellery box, and use the WC on the T-Bird.
    Get a LAN in a Box, at almost any computer hardware store, or get two nic cards.
    How does your T-Bird connect to the internet? Modem?
    This might make a difference.
    Did I say that out loud?

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    You could use the autofeed scanner on another machine if you used some 'remote control' software. I use VNC on our network at home. Do a google for it.

    paul groves
    pauls opengl page

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