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Thread: Been gone, but coming back.

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    Been gone, but coming back.

    Sorry guys, I have been changing jobs so now more servers to put ECCP on .. but I will be putting my Tbird 800 up here tonight, plus a P2 450 and a P4 1.5 so hopefully I can put some DP's on the board.

    Another note, I know my name on the Stats board was bweir .. I would rathe have it as Undeadlord, my name here. Who do I talk to to change that?


    What undead do you want to control today?

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    Undead, just go to the stats page. There is a link on the left side of page that says "Edit Profile". Click that, enter your login name and password. Than you will be able to change it to anything you like.

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    Welcome back Undeadlord, I was hoping you hadn't just quit us!

    I don't know if you've been monitoring what's been going on lately, but we are preparing for a "Mega Flush" party for the last quarter (between the Noon and 6PM updates) on October 22 We've added quite a few new members to the team and are primed for a "hostile" takeover of second place on the 22nd

    I estimate my dump to be about 70K, many of the others are also holding back a few DP's to join in on the fun. You're welcome to "save a few" too There is still almost two weeks to go!

    Now, something I've been wondering for a while, What happened to the Undeadlord store? I'm still waiting to get the shipping cost on that redhead geekgirl up on the shelf

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