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Thread: Narrowing my digital camera search

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    Narrowing my digital camera search

    and have just about decided on an OLYMPUS D-510 Zoom for my point and shoot pictures ..nothing very fancy. Anyone have any pearls of wisdom? Best price? Best place to buy? Places to stay away from? Anything? Thanks all, Jim.

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    digital-eTailer usually has pretty competative prices. They currently have the D-510 for $312. Just be sure to check that you get a US warranty with the camera (assuming you're in the us). Some online stores are selling the gray-market models for overseas sales that don't come with US warranties. All of the online discount digital camera sales people will try to sell you all sorts of other goodies to go along with your camera. Don't get sucked into their sales mumbo jumbo. Decide beforehand what camera you want, how much memory you want, etc. and then only purchase what you went in for. Also, they'll most likely try to get you to buy an extended warranty. They aren't all that bad to have, but you probably won't need to ever use it and they wouldn't be selling them if they weren't making money on them.

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    Yes - don't buy a digital camera unless you have an overwhelming need to get the image back really quick -

    Spend money on an awesome scanner and some really good image software and take 35mm pictures and scan them in -

    there isn't a digital camera out there that most people can afford that gets virtually unlimited resolution and image quality -

    BUT - scanning in a regular quality photograph, you can zoom and do a lot more to the image.

    It depends on what your needs are.

    but pound for pound, you get more for your money out of a really good scanner than you do out of a digital camera - The only thing that extra $400 - for the camera is going to buy you is speed - and that camera is going to be woefully obsolete some time in the next 2 years. Scanners. on the other hand, seem to have a longer shelf-life.

    Think about it before you write the check -

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    What's your price range.

    What do you expect to do with the finished product,, i.e. size of prints

    What size of camera do you want.

    I suggest staying with cameras that take either Compact Flash or Smartmedia memory because of price.

    get back with us.


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    Make sure you leave some extra cash for rechargeable batteries. Digital cameras really abuse batteries.

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    I 'd go along with Axel. A state-of-the-art 35mm SLR like a Nikon comes with so many features and different lenses that unless you need the pictures in 15 minutes, it's not worth buying a digital. It's still an evolving technology and may take 2 years to really stabilize. Meanwhile, get a good Nikon or Canon or any good brand, invest in 2 or 3 lenses and a top of the line scanner.

    I'm planning to do the same by Christmas.

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    Let's face it, a digital camera will never REPLACE a conventional camera (for a reasonable amount of money), but neither can a concentional camera and scanner really compete with a digital camera. Ya gotta have 'em both.

    To add to The Beav, do a little homework and get TWO sets of good quality NiMH batteries and a charger. Don't spend too much (initially) on media cards, since they only get cheaper. Do get a decent case (very cheap), with pockets for media and batteries.

    BTW, once you find out how cool NiMH batteries are, you'll start using them for all sorts of things.

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    Thanks for all the responses guys...ya got me thinking now. I really don't have a pressing need for a digital camera, but my wife and I thought it might be nice to have. I already have a fairly good scanner and imaging software, which I use somewhat, and my wife got a fairly nice Canon 35mm not too long ago.

    The Olympus D510Z I'm looking at comes with about 8MB SmartMedia memory card, USB interface cable, Video Cable, 4 AA Alkaline Batteries, and Olympus CAMEDIA Master version 2.5, 2.1 megapixel, 3x optical zoom/9x digital zoom. The USB connection cable doesn't need any drivers because it's an auto connect. For about $290 + S&H.

    If the wife wants one, I guess she'll get one, whether we need one or know how that goes.

    Thanks for the responses, but even though the digicam is not been fully perfected, everyone I've talked to that has one loves it. What to do??
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