Hi there!

I fouled my mobo. Somehow through what appears to be the printer port. I hooked up my Mark of the Unicorn Midi interface. The system worked fine for a few months. Then I noticed a boot problem. Sometimes I would have to shut down my MIDI interface then turn it on again (reset it) and then try to reboot. The computer would then reboot perfectly. I knew there was troublew brewing and should have done something then I guess. When the trouble hits, the computer will not boot at all. and no video either...just a few start up clicks heard from the hard drive.

Anyway, onb top of that I tried to install a network card, and when I did it welded the intermitent non-boot problem into a PERMANENT non boot situation. I've removed all cards and replaced the video card with no difference to the problem.

Is there a way I can fix this? Have I fried the motherboard? I've never messed with bios stuff but have heard you can reprogram/replace it if you have to.

Any help in this matter greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance