I'm planning to mod my A7A (4 dip switch model) and unlock my processor tonight, but before I do, I just remembered something from one of the giudes I read. Apparently the processor needs to be able to boot at a 10.5x multiplier the first time the A7A is rebooted (after the "switch 10" contacts have been joined). This could pose a problem, since my Duron 700mhz might not be able to handle that.
I was wondering if anybody else has modded their A7A and been able to reboot with a "slower" processor with no problems. Or if anyone can offer any advice as to how to get around this (ie. CMOS dump, etc.) I don't really have the money to go out and pay $130 CAN for a processor that can handle the multiplier the guide mentioned. All attempts at using wire to cross the contacts on the board have failed, so I'll be using a rear window defogger kit.. in other words, this is going to be permanent, no going back

Any input would be appreciated.