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Thread: Faster CPU for an ASUS P2B

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    Faster CPU for an ASUS P2B

    I have an Asus P2B motherboard. I think it is version 1.02. I currently have a PII 350. I want to upgrade to the fastest CPU possible. Asus says a PIII 600 will work with this mb but again I want to go as high as I can. I figure I need to upgrade the BIOS on the mb and will be doing that soon.

    I was thinking about maybe a PIII 800 FSB 133. (maybe not the fastest I can go but real cheap right now) Whatever I do I want it to be stable. I am not looking to overclock.

    I know the mb supports 133 FSB and a max ratio of 8X1. So does that mean I could go to a PIII gig FSB 133?

    Another question..let's say I do by a PIII800 FSB100 and for some reason it does not work. Can I underclock the CPU by setting the mb to say for example FSB 100 with a 6x100 ratio?

    More info that might be needed....

    I am upgrading the RAM to 256MB of PC133 from 64MB of PC100. I got this RAM from and friend but I am not sure if it will work. Similar to what I asked regarding CPU's...Will PC133 memory work if the FSB is running at 100?

    Lastly I have a ATI Radeon 32mb DDR video card.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    have you read their msg/chat board thingy at asus? there is alot of questions and answers about this same mother board there.
    I have the excate same mobo. I'm happy with it at it's default speed, P - II 450, 100fsb. you will need to flash the bios and get a slockett to go faster. I would go with the P-III 600 and look into buying a new mobo later on.
    I ran pc 133 in mine. the ram is backward compatitable. I gave my pc133 - 256 mb away to someone in need so I put the pc100 back in {320 mb}.
    Have fun.
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    This board will not properly support the 133MHz FSB. The BX chipset lacks the necessary 1/2 AGP divider. Your AGP and PCI cards, as well as your hard drives, may not like the overclocked FSB.

    Like madfish suggested, try searching some older posts. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few folks here that are successfully running a celeron 1GHz or P3 1Ghz/100 in this board.

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