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Thread: Onboard video memory question

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    Onboard video memory question

    I recently bought a Dell 900Mhz Celeron system, which I am happy with overall. This system came with the Intel 82810 integrated video. I am a little confused about just how much memory this video chip has. When I run Sandra video system information utility, it says that my total video memory is 36MB, 4MB video and 32MB AGP. Could this be a “shared” video system, which is borrowing the 32MB from my system memory? I have 256MB system memory. My next question is would I be better off with a PCI 32MB card? The games I run seem to perform ok, but I am not really a heavy gamer. This motherboard has no AGP slot.

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    The games I run seem to perform ok, but I am not really a heavy gamer.
    The i810 does use a shared memory architechture, so part of your system ram is used for video. This arrangement isn't the best if you're into 3D-intensive games, but it sounds like you're not that type of person. There's no need to spend extra on the latest GeWhiz 4000 video card if your current setup satisfies your needs.

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    Agreed. You'll never notice the difference in 2D, and unless you like Q3 at 1600x1200 at 32bit color, you'll be just fine. Just set up in the BIOS to share what you need for your resolution at your color depth.

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