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Thread: I really need a, I mean a different hobby...

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    450 could go into advertising and become a sales rep to sell advertising space on bombs! I would definately buy! (net profit going towards relief effort of coarse)

    Hmmm some ideas

    1. Calgon....take me away
    2. Bounty....the quicker picker upper
    3. RAID!
    4. Nike...just do it!
    5. Excederin!
    6. Nidol

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    RC cars can get to be expensive. I have a $500 car that runs on batteries, not fuel. Haven't run this car in about 2 yrs now.
    Then I came back to computers, its much cheaper.

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    How about paintball? Yeah he can't use his new shotgun.. and a real nice paintball gun might cost more than his shotgun LOL..

    That is some good clean fun right there!

    well unless it rains.. then it is even more fun!

    man last time i played.. we ambushed these guys hardcore.. they didn't see us in the bushes and ran right past us and took some cover.. because a few of our team was ahead of them shooting..

    of course behind their cover.. they were all looking straight ahead at the other guys.. and didn't realise they had walked right past us in some bushes

    so they all had our backs to us.. man we mowed them down before they even knew what happened... hehe i just shot as fast as i could pull the trigger
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    lol azkid

    A nice p-ball gun would definately cost more......why is it like that? All they are is plastic and a few metal components besides the barrel. I guess it's the way they are fired (the gas and all).

    Went to a gun store today - $275 for a blued, 8 shot, Mossberg 500 Cruiser with pistol grip and heat shield. Gonna compare prices with other stores.


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    "Good" Semi-Auto Paintball guns go for about $150 and are made of aircraft quality aluminum and hardened steel for the high wear parts. Brass Eagle makes the majority of plastic ones. They seem to work well enough though.


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    some hobbies i have..

    r/c gas cars
    martial arts

    btw.. u can buy the new pi-e2 black dragun paintball gun for about $150 or a nice package with it for about $250

    i have pictures of some of my guns

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