Epox 8KTA3-L MB
AMD Athlon 900 proc.
256mb oem memory
300w case
tdk 16/10/40 cdrw
memorex 52x cdrom
2 20gig wd hdrives
nvidia gf2-mx400 video
linksys 10/100 nic
Winme with all current upgrades/drivers

Heres the rub.
While replacing an epox mb that was having video problems kl-133m I noticed a "smudge" on the bottom of the processor appears to have overheated at some point. System seems to run ok except in the following areas.

1. When I visit this site And attempt to manipulate the camera control I get a bsd with OE : 0028 : 00000004 and the system is locked.

2. A couple of times while running system monitor the kernal processor usage goes to 100% It also stays at 40% all the time.

3. When I remove a cd from the either of the drives explorer shows the title on the left side of explorer. Sometimes even after a reboot.

4. When going into bios settings the screen "Blinks" twice. But seems to be ok other than that.

Any Ideas as to what the heck is going on would be appreciated.