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Thread: i have a dell laptop with a bios password can any one help me remove it?

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    i have a dell laptop with a bios password can any one help me remove it?

    It is a dell latitude cpi laptop i think the password is stored in the eprom there is not a cmos battery. it is a pheonix revision a04 bios or does any one no of a way i can remove it using a hex editor i no that you can remove passwords from toshiba laptops using a hex editor if any one could help i would be very greatful thank's?..
    my email address is

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    Did you forget the password, or aren't you able to contact the previous owner?

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    woops...i didn't see the part about there being no battery on the MB...nm
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    They intentionally make this difficult. We have laptops stolen all the time and I'm hoping the scum that got the last one can't get it reset. If you are a valid owner, you should be able to contact Dell and get support. If that's a fairly new machine, you might be under warranty.

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    Here's something I found doing a search...

    The following software is Shareware or Freeware. You should use any of this software carefully, if you do not know how to use this software, you may cause irreparable damage to your system. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! This software is for our Technical clients only.

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    Knucklebuster is right, the key word is: are you a valid owner!
    I got an older Dell notebook {I'm the second owner} and had a rough time trying to convice Dell I was the valid owner now. I finaly got the master password for my notebook, lol and I'm not going to password it tho. I don't see any need to..
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