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Thread: Presario 7222

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    Presario 7222

    Does anybody know the specs and settings for the motherboard of a Compaq Presario 7222? I don't know anything about the board to help? I assume it's just a standard board that they put in all the 7222.

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    Compaq Part Number 236540-001
    UPC 743172279309

    All Hardware and Software specifications subject to change (01/09/96).

    Standard Features
    Design Traditional Desktop design

    Dimensions and Weight:
    Unit 4 x 16.5 x 17.5 inches (21 lbs 4 oz.)

    Package 9.6 x 31.1 x 21.5 inches (52 lbs)

    Processor Intel Pentium (TM) 100 MHz microprocessor
    CD Drive Internal 4X speed CD-ROM drive standard

    Hard Drive 1.2 GB hard drive

    Diskette Drive 3.5 inch 1.44 MB diskette drive

    Cache Internal 16 KB

    External 256 KB (optional)

    Memory 8 MB EDO RAM standard in SIMM Socket,
    expandable to 128 MB (60 ns or faster
    EDO, Tin Lead SIMM required)

    Power Supply Steady-state 145 watts (including monitor);
    Energy Star Compliant

    Expansion Slots Two ISA expansion slots (one populated with
    data/fax modem; one unoccupied)

    One PCI expansion slot

    One PCI/ISA combo slot

    Expansion Bays Four drive bays (populated with 3.5 inch
    diskette drive, hard drive and CD Drive;
    one 3/4 height drive bay open for

    Stereo Sound Integrated 16-bit Stereo Sound;
    FM Synthesis upgradable to TrueQ Wavetable
    Synthesis; Spatializer 3D Surround Sound;
    User controllable volume/bass/treble with
    3 band Equalizer

    MPEG MPEG standard; upgradable to TrueQ (TM)

    Graphics 1 MB EDO DRAM (upgradable to 2 MB)

    PCI Local Bus Graphics

    Video feature connector

    Maximum non-interlaced resolution of up to
    1280 x 1024 (when supported by monitor)

    32 bit access with 1 MB EDO DRAM, 64 bit
    access with 2 MB
    Keyboard Compaq
    Compatibility Plug and Play compatible

    IDE Controller Can support up to 4 IDE devices

    Speakerphone Simultaneous, 2-way (full-duplex)
    speakerphone with Adaptive Echo
    Cancellation (Optimized for use with
    Presario 1400 and 1500 monitors).

    Data/Fax Modem 19.2K/14.4K bps data/fax

    Fax Center Includes complete Fax Center with send,
    receive, broadcast fax and scheduling

    Phone Center Includes telephone answering machine, with
    10 individual, password-accessible
    voicemail boxes; electronic address book
    with speed dial; and SpeechMail for remote
    access with speech recognition

    File Player WAV file player and recorder

    MIDI file player

    Security "Presario Vault" file security utility,
    user power-on password, keyboard password,
    diskette drive control, diskette boot
    control, parallel and serial interface
    control, set-up password

    I/O Interfaces Serial RS-232C compatible, DB9 connector
    (16550); Parallel EPP/ECP standard
    centronics-compatible interface
    (DB25 connector); Pointing device, 6-pin
    mini-DIN connector; Joystick/MIDI
    compatible game port Two RJ11 phone jacks
    (1 input, 1 output); Three Audio
    (headphone/speaker, microphone, line-in);
    Mouse and Keyboard port

    Set Up Color coded cables

    This is all I can find out about it.

    Usually those old Compaqs have a big sticker inside the computer with the jumper settings on it.


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    Thanks Barney I owe you one.

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