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Thread: Duron800/Abit KT7 OC Results and Questions!

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    Duron800/Abit KT7 OC Results and Questions!

    I recently picked up a duron 800 and a abit kt7. I slapped a global fop32-1 on with some good ol thermal paste and I've begun to see what I can get out of this chip.

    I did the #2 pencil trick on the l1 bridge to ensure that the chip was unlocked. As of now Im at 944Mhz, which is 8.5x111. For some reason, my cpu treats a 9x multiplier as a 7x multiplier. 9.5 similarly is treated as 7.5. 10x = 8x. My voltage here at 944Mhz is 1.675V. Is there any particular reason my chip is being quirky with the multiplier settings?

    I'll post some sandra pics once I take them. Needless to say the processor flies.

    Edit: I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is run off the FSB and the PCI bus. I believe my PCI bus is at 35Mhz, and the FSB is at 111 as stated before. I've only got a pc100 stick in this machine, yet its perfectly stable in all applications. How high can I expect my FSB to be able to go?

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    Use some more Lead,I only can go to 110fsb with my duron at 1100. If you do not have enoth lead ,werid things happen. You will not reach the limit of your memory. That's why cheap stuff even works. Until1 they come out with 133 chip.

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    You need to redo your L1 bridges to get the multipliers working correctly.

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