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Thread: New windows 11 install on core 17-9700k

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    New windows 11 install on core 17-9700k

    So in 2020 while i was home like everyone else for covid i built a new rig based on the Z390 Aorus ultra motherboard with a core I7 9700k. I installed windows 10 on a Samsung Evo 1TB but for some reason I went with a SATA SSD. At the time I wasn't aware that NVMe's were so much better.
    Since the MB is completely compatible with windows 11 I've decided to upgrade to a NVMe SSD. So the question is how do I go about this? Do I

    A- Do a fresh install of windows 11 on the NVMe and activate it using my windows 10 product key. If I do this, will my apps from windows 10 that need require their own product keys work or will I have to buy them all over again?

    B- Install my copy of windows 10 pro on the new NVMe , activate it. Then install all my existing apps which should easily activate. Then upgrade to windows 11?

    One other twist. My goal is to keep my SATA SSD with windows 10 alive and active so I can choose to use this PC with either the SATA SSD that has windows 10 or the NVMe SSD which shall have windows 11. I'm also concerned Microsoft will deactivate my windows 10 if I use that product to for windows 11.
    any insight will be appreciated.

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    Have you considered using tools like Samsung Data Migration to clone your current Windows 10 installation to the new NVMe SSD while preserving your existing apps and data, and then upgrading to Windows 11 on the NVMe drive?

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