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Thread: Alternative to Easus Data Recovery Wizard

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    Alternative to Easus Data Recovery Wizard
    he confused multiple times two Easus SW also at the end!

    here the man killed a Sata-drive could "repair" by exchanging board(defective diode maybe more) but had to use recovery software- videos involved. huge success with easus Data Recovery Wizard. He had a backup but last act was moving not copying files. no only these had to be recovered.
    I want to use an alternative to Esaus Data Recovery Wizard. Maybe good idea to use alreay bought recuva. strangely free version was very quick(to mislead people?) paid version very slow. had to stop since nop time to wait 2 hrs at that time. 2TB cloning or recovery would need 2 days.
    have a different problem most probably i could get direct access by exchanging Rom-chip mounted on identical pcb-board see my other thread.
    Which alternative to the mentioned can you advise? Thanks a lot
    alternatives here.
    dont understand this here:
    disk drill meant: free max 500mb.
    "It is recommended that you perform this action using a different drive than the one with the missing files. This is to minimize the potential that Windows will accidentally overwrite the files you are trying to recover."
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