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Thread: What's wrong with my PC?

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    Question What's wrong with my PC?

    Hello, Can anybody tell me what would make your pictures stick on your desktop so that you can't close them? I wind up with peices of attempts to open and/or close windows all over my desktop. And what to do to fix it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Right Click on the desktop and select the option REFRESH. Does it make any difference?

    Do you turn your computer off at the end of everyday or do you leave it on for days at a time?
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    yes leaving pc online for many hours a big problem. ignorants said that no problem!
    some access blocked.
    had a multiple no-sound-problems always after windows updates. at the end only resetting windows 10 helped. see other thread.
    how long is your pc at work. mine 4 years. reset a good idea. same for browsers.
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