Have ministand notebookcooler installled under my hot Acer Ultrabook Swift 5. there are passive slits where fan is sucking out hot air. built-in fan region is free.
NB: When i bought it early 2019-its a i7 16/1 TB-had many surprises see other thread. one of them was finding battery inside lose with no screw at all. why should i remove its screw? they forgot to add.
Maybe this caused-thanks to shocksensor-to stop screen and keyboard not working anymore after a 1-2 days delay everything with 5 days after buying.
read about how must flow air inside tower-pcs- my father-engineer didnt believe correct airflow and had hidden slits with paper...... Will reactivate this early i7 16/256/2tb desktop Acer Z87C win 7 installed.