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Thread: Wireless-Mouse-Scrolling problem SOLVED

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    Wireless-Mouse-Scrolling problem SOLVED

    Yes there may be multiple reasons scrolling mouse is working badly. site going up and down when scrolling to one direction never leading to the aim.
    a) cleaning axis -SOLVED
    B) Seperating receiver at distance from laptop. on long cable. SOLVED NOW all problems.
    Did that for Keyboard receiver and forgot to check with mouse.
    Have now set:
    multiple lines at a time
    3 lines at a time. may be varied depending site. maybe 2 is best.
    scrolling inactive windows when pointing to. this could lead to troubles meant must then be deactivated.
    tried other mouses also vertical one(**** for me but will now retest)- has to do with my injury-broken hand. wrong hand-angle then.
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