yes it depends clean contacts and jumpers(if needed) also if old IDE-PATA-drives are recognized here on w10.
cleaned contacts on board too now and all others. but my second combo-docking-station 875D by motbsid dot com-red-black one.(first one wrong nonworking IDE-power) cannot display most of my old IDE-drives.
But adapter can!!!!maybe a defect
will then get more expensive Startec docking -station which has external IDE-adapter.
NB: mounting IDE in dockingstation sometimes not easy. and some drive cannot be mounted at all thanks to edge-shape at power-socket side. socket not at edge of drive. even have found a drive where power-socket is reversed!
one sata-drive has even MOLEX-power-socket added.
regarding contact-systems inside board. design in newer sata-drives seem not ideal since over the years contacts will be dirty. we have needle-design. contact protected in socket.=best. we have soldered electric wire and we have clipped flat wires. easy detachable. and protected.