since i was struggling a lot with non-bootable Sata-Drives on my old Winxp-mainboard i am lucky that report could lead to a succesful end.
What puzzles me is this:
Due to these advantages, SATA hard drives generally replaced IDE. If your computer with IDE hard drive becomes very slow, you can try to clone IDE hard drive to SSD (with SATA port). But how to securely clone IDE hard drive to SATA without boot issues in Windows 11/10/8/7?

Is this meant?
Old IDE drive cloned to Sata ( SSD-Sata) with the help of win10-pc?
a) so win10-drive is used and IDE and destination-drive are added via USB? i have at the moment only a slow celeron ultrabook 4/64 win10s available to go to BIOS. can only use USB there.
or should i reactivate win7-i7 desktop and attach destination Sata-HDD on second slot replacing data-drive?
on newer old pc i have also SSD-win7-drive installed. maybe better having that one in mind. and cloning SATA to SSD if ever.
These were the two very old early 2004-desktops which where affected both by capacity plague. on one i couldnt use second port anymore so cloning was a big mess. til now i couldnt clone HDD there. copying no problem.
google showing a lot of problems with cloning systemdrives.