Triple slot IDE-Sata-cloning station WLX 893U3 has a nasty design-error leading to nonworking IDE-drives which are getting no power or only when one is pressing HDD down....
Found out a terrible design error. See also 2-3 YT videos with my comment. same tips like following:
I opened box-fifth screw is under " 89" of label.
IDE-Power-Socket is surrounded by a black collar(two parts which can be unscrewed to do the following). That collar is too high and must be shaved/filed down. dont remember if 1.5mm is exactly but white power-socket must be around 8.45mm high when collar is shaved. i did it with the complicated way without removing. maybe i will find my note to give exact data. but one can measured unshaved. if i was right with 1.5mm white power socket should be 8.45 - 1.5mm=around 7mm by default.

This is the only triple IDE-docking-station i found today.
there is a dual IDE-Sata only and Startech has a solution with a temporary IDE-Sata-module which can be mounted into the slots of their docking Stations. 44-cable going outside(and not incl.!).maybe thats the right way to go for me.
I remember orico having a lot of docking-stations.
ICY -Box is another manufacturer. i have IB-123CL-U3 with copy-function. it seems it has pc-independent clone-function.
Have just found an interesting report about cloning with AOMEI Partition assistent. will post soon.WLX 893U3.jpg