i have two identical and one newer rappoo-mice which i am using alternatively on win10-ultrabook.
30months i never had any mouse problem if i remember right.. since some weeks its starting this weird behaving. i see second mouse-pointer at lower right border surrounded by grey circle.
happens after a certain time when started.
i recognized over all the time windows is updating their videodrivers all the time. maybe every week or twice a month. could be they have a real problem with this issue. there they say i should check if mainboard-company his their own driver. of course i let them install since acer has all kind of drivers where i dont really know which ones i can use. a long list of different ones. with no descriptions.yes i once had a heat problem when i had touchpad activated-keyboard itsself is dead. secondary keyboard mounted ontop with velcro. of course it had contact with touchpad the days when temp augemented dramaticall showing 78C on one element. i used coolpad with no real free space for aircirculation and i sometimes seem to have covered slits where fan is. now i have newstare cooler ministand where i attach the cable from time to time to keep temp around lower tha 38C.
maybe my computer is sick from this problem. yes studied all other solutions.
maybe i must search for acer-videodriver-update.
dont know how to replace mouse drivers. i installed rappoo-software now.
sideeffect of this problem, sometimes images of irfanview when open are changing. i very weird situations windows or opening and dancing wildly.
defender and malwarebytes didnt find anything. maybe i should reinstall acer-software-not system-software.
yes i also deactivated scrolling inactivated windows. maybe i should change setting further and set them back.
at least one mouse-driver must stayed installed.