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Thread: Crazy RadioMouse-Problem on Ultrabook-Solved

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    Crazy RadioMouse-Problem on Ultrabook-Solved

    Power-adapter cable crossing working-place from left-side under ultrabook and forehand right at 10cm distance to mouse was the reason for my non-constant mouse-pointer -problems.
    Pointer drove crazy unable to move. Happened after some hours. restarting cured it.

    Interestingly didnt start from the beginning of using this ultrabook. i then bought newer mouse. both old identical mice showed the same. i love the height of these mice which fill out hand better. ergonomically fitting better. old cable mouse also didnt cure.

    Must now install prolongation over leftside towards end of table and use power from there.
    Always shut down power of the adapter when leaving home. on right side of table at floor. not so easy when its under the table. maybe i will prolongue.

    Have the cable now at 35cm distance running right under my chest which is not healthy.
    Will stay there for some days to observe and then cable will be positioned at distance of body.
    NB: We have temporary interferences leading to a deep rumbling. known worldwide.
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