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Thread: Overclock my PC

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    Overclock my PC


    Pictures attached of my PC.

    Goal is to overclock perhaps 1,30 meaning 30 % the maximum 'speed' of my PC. If i remember right, power source is 550 watts.

    Finnish weather conditions are: ~28 celsius + maximum during summer, winter lowest -20 to 25 celsius. In house temperatures vary from 18 to 23 celsius around year... this can be affected with window open etc. house air conditioning.

    I dont know the use of prime95, i tried it once with some options and computer crashed.

    I guess processor can be overclocked relatively more than graphics card?

    I have air cooling, no liquid - 5 to 7 fans can cool quite a lot, though. It is not clear how I make the control panel increase fan speeds according to temperature.

    For example new worth-investing game Cyberpunk 2077 i think burden computer and temperatures quite much.

    Aim is that I dont succeed to 'burn' the PC, no matter what.

    Is it wise to clock RAM memories?

    I'm glad to give additional info about this matter.

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    Does anyone have knowledge in this matter and is willing to share it? Thanks.

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