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Thread: Locked out-dead screen-Repair running-RegVac "the killer"

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    Locked out-dead screen-Automatic Repair-RegVac "the killer"

    Hello friends. Worked on my half-dead Acer Swift 5(see other thread) which has dead Keyboard and Screen. Must run it with external device.
    RegVac was successfully running on all kind of OSs. So why not running on win 10-64 home? but i decided to use dangerous mode which was too risky. At then it told " Windows 7" refused to execute some steps. After restart external screen couldnt display an image. since i can see a bit at lower end of built-in screen i know repair mode has started. So this would mean: Same procedure like every year mike. Yes when i safe mode external screen will be dead. no chance. So be warned.
    To solve the problem i had to simulate deactivating safe mode with keystrokes on my ultrabook acer spin 1-111 to do the same blindly on Swift 5-i7-16/1TB

    So how can i simulate the repairprocess without executing on this ultrabook here?
    Thanks a lot

    Maybe wise doing these steps?
    I cant use installations-method since no chance to change boot-squence.
    at bottom- i can read Automatic Repair!
    How to simulate that step on working ultrabook?
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