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Thread: Noisy power supply

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    Noisy power supply

    This is a 6 year old 600 watt power supply that has a noisy fan when you first turn it on. After about 2 minutes it quiets down. The power supply is installed properly so it's not rattling due to poor or loose installation. Other than the noise this 6 year old system runs fine. So is this noise something to be concerned about? should I replace the power supply before something catastrophic happens?

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    Have you blown the dust out of it?

    If and when it fails, it shouldn't be any different than any other power supply.

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    Tip: Spinning a fan faster than it was designed to spin can ruin the fan bearings. So, when using compressed air to blow the dust out of any electronics with one or more fans, gently insert a popscicle stick, straw, pencil (or similar) into each fan to keep the fan blades from spinning.

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