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Thread: BOOM Slapping 10 - The Fatboy Nuke.

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    Cool BOOM Slapping 10 - The Fatboy Nuke.

    IT IS POSSIBLE TO INCREASE THE SPEED OF WINDOWS 10 BY SEVERAL FACTORS, and the Fatboy Nuke is one of them. Say what?

    Let your 5 year old do it. It's very Spocky and brings up Warp Speed. Happy sailing. I ship you knot!

    Video (Youtube) - Windows 10 reconfiguration

    The biddlybubba -"][/URL]

    The (THIS) Windows 10 Sophia Script should ideally be run on new installations.

    Supported Windows 10 versions ^
    ThIS Windows 10 Sophia Script supports the current versions of Windows 10: 2004 (20H1) and 2009 (20H2), x64

    Here's the Duck -

    Now then - Is it nuts for the squirrels? or Squirrels for the nuts? You decide.

    Stay safe and 2 yards away from anything with a pulse. Disconnect
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    During deep sleep IT came to me and the future of processing is clear.
    Future processors will primarily be digital tuning radios acting as grid computing nodes.
    Voila. See ya in hell.

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