I'm having a problem with my mail client, Pegasus Mail. It started when my monitor died and I did an illegal shutdown trying to deal with that. I'd normally take this to the Pegasus forum, but it seems to be down for a rebuild.

Pegasus works well on my system except for a single function. I cannot move mail from the "New Mail" folder to any other folder. When I hit the 'move' button my whole system freezes, except for the mouse. The cursor will move around, but has no other functionality. It moves but won't do anything else. My system locks up as soon as I ask it to move an email to another folder. At that point I must go to Task Manager and kill Pegasus.

I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Pegasus since this started, so I don't think the problem lies within the program. I have rebooted Pegasus several times, and I have rebooted the computer several times. My "New Mail" folder is growing because I can't move mail out of it.

I'd certainly appreciate some help on this.