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Thread: Part 2: Montech Air X ARGB EATX Mid-Tower Features

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    Part 2: Montech Air X ARGB EATX Mid-Tower Features

    From fans to filters, the Air X ARGB gave me a lot to look at. You can see the unboxing here.

    Flipping the Air X ARGB around reveals that only the show side has glass, while the other is steel. Both side panels still have handles for easier removal pressed into a screw tab that runs top to bottom, with thumbscrews easing access to internal components.
    A closer look at the back shows that it has a traditional internal slot bracket, rather than the cheap folded-out kind the plagues so many of its similarly-priced competitors, along with a 120mm ARGB fan and a PS/2 style (now aka “ATX”) power supply mount. Screw slots give the fan around 19mm of vertical adjustment to make room for the end cap of a 120mm radiator, and dual patterns on the power supply bay allow it to be flipped over if desired.
    The top panel features two USB 3.0 and a single USB 2.0 port, headphone and microphone jacks, power and reset buttons, a mode button for the internal ARGB controller, power and HDD activity LEDs, mounting slots for dual 140mm or dual 120mm fans, and a perforated dust filter. The 140mm and 120mm fan mounts are offset 25mm and 45mm from the motherboard standoffs, respectively, so that users can hang liquid cooling systems with their bottom edges beside the top edge of the motherboard. That’s important since this case only has around 44mm of mounting space above the board.
    Made from the same pierced sheet as the one on the top panel, the power supply dust filter is secured with tabs, rather than magnetic strips. This type can be so difficult to remove that I typically clean them with compressed air.
    Speaking of cleaning with compressed air, the front-panel dust filter is trapped inside the panel. While it may be possible to run the entire panel under a faucet, compressed air would be my preferred cleaning method.
    Two giant, 200mm ARGB intake fans are behind the front panel, and mounting tabs for three 140mm and three 120mm fans are behind those. A 60mm cutout in the front of the power supply tunnel allows users to mount extra-thick radiators and fans behind the front panel brackets.

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    Metal strips glued to the front and back edges of the glass side panel allow it to be hooked to the edge of the front panel and screwed to the edge of the back panel, without showing the hardware from front or oblique angles.
    The steel side panel attaches by the same manner, making the two interchangeable. Rather than a row of hook tabs, Montech uses rolled edges at the top and bottom of its steel panel to add rigidity and approximate the thickness of the glass panel.
    The motherboard tray provides just enough space to hold a 13-deep EATX motherboard, though users who want to access its grommeted cable holes will want to use something a bit smaller. Holes at the top of the tray make room for CPU power cables, and a large hole in front of the exhaust fan allows rear access to CPU cooler mounting hardware.
    Heres a closer look at the front radiator mounting gap and 140mm/120mm mounting slots. A mounting hole labeled E is one of the three additional standoff points for 13-deep boards, though Montech does not include the extra three standoffs.
    Only one 2.5 tray is included for the two mounting points atop the power supply shroud.

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    A second 2.5 tray is found on the back side of the motherboard tray, next to the ARGB fan hub.
    The ARGB fan hub supports both the lighting and power headers of six fans. A PWM cable ties it to motherboard fan control, and its integrated ARGB controller likewise includes a cable to interface motherboard ARGB control. Without ARGB input from the motherboard, the integrated controller offers users 32 color modes including solid colors, pulsing, alternating, twirling, and twirling rainbow.
    A drive cage mounted at the front of the power supply zone supports a single drive on the tray and a single drive on top, in the users choice of 2.5 or 3.5 form factors. A second set of tray mounts allows the cage to be slide forward to make space for large radiators, backward to make space for super-long power supplies, or removed entirely.
    The cable kit includes an SATA-style power header for the fan controller, a power/reset/LED front panel group, a single row of USB 2.0 wires on a double-row header, HD Audio for headphone and microphone jacks, a two-port USB 3.0 header, an ARGB input cable with connectors for two different types of motherboard header, and a PWM cable for motherboard-based fan control.

    Montech Air X ARGB
    Type Mid-Tower
    Motherboard Support EATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
    Max Motherboard Depth 13.5" (34.3 cm)
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 18.6 x 8.3 x 17.2" (47.2 x 21.0 x 43.7 cm)
    Above Board Rad. Space 1.7" (44 mm), +25mm/45mm offset for 140/120mm
    Air Cooler Clearance 17.1 cm from standoff, Rated 16.3 cm
    Card Length 13.5" (34.3 cm) measured, Rated 34.0 cm
    Power Supply Format PS/2: Measured 8.4/7.3" (21.3/18.5 cm) bay depth
    Rated 20/16 cm max length
    Weight 15.2 lbs (6.89 kg)
    External Bays X
    Internal Bays (2) 3.5/2.5", (2) 2.5"
    Card Slots 7
    Ports/Jacks (2) USB 3.0, (1) USB 2.0, Headphone/Mic
    Other Six-port ARGB Fan Controller w/PWM Hub
    Included Fans (2) 200mm Front, (1) 120mm Rear
    Front Fan Mounts (3) 120mm or (2) 200mm/140mm
    Rear Fan Mounts (1) 120mm
    Top Fan Mounts (2) 140mm/120mm
    Bottom Fan Mounts X
    Side Fan Mounts X
    Front Filter Encapsulated nylon mesh
    Top Filter Magnetic perforated sheet
    Bottom Filter Tab-secured perforated sheet
    Damping None
    Price $76

    With those cables detailed, Im ready to move on to my build!

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