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Thread: Win10 Stuck on Spinning Dots on Startup

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    Question Win10 Stuck on Spinning Dots on Startup

    Attempting to help a friend with a custom built gaming PC she bought from a on-line gaming friend. Nicely built in terms of case, hardware, etc. However, ever since she received it, when booting it simply sits on the Win10 screen with spinning dots (with blue Win logo above dots) for hours and hours. Occasionally, it will show login screen between 2 and 8 hours from restart. Other times, screen goes black (must be in sleep or hibernate mode based on power config?). It will not boot into Safe Mode with F8 or Shift+F8. I was able to get to command prompt a few times and ran chkdsk and also sfcscannow to no avail. I also updated Windows updates fully. This took FOREVER due to restarts and hours/days of waiting for Windows to be useful. No System Repair points available nor is there a system recovery option available in Advanced Options on Startup.

    From my research, in 2016 MS put out a update that caused this exact issue when USB devices were plugged in. However in this case, unplugging USB's doesn't have any impact.

    Edited to add: No minidump files and nothing in EventViewer that pointed to this kind of problem.

    #2 Edited to add: Win10 Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.1016)

    Here are the things I hope to check or consider doing in my troubleshooting:
    • Re-seat all internal components such as RAM, SSD, etc.
    • CMOS Battery reset / replacement
    • Attempt to roll back as many Win Updates as possible??
    • Full virus/malware scan using various tools (i.e. MBAM, etc.)
    • If I can get it to boot to Win again, there is a Win Repair free utility that many have used and stated it works well for these types of issues ... and "appears" legit.

    Outside of a fresh install of Win10 (and the seller didn't provide a key!!! So she will need to purchase one) in "hopes" of resolving the issue, does anyone have any suggestions?

    Many thanks for any help!

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