I'm having trouble viewing the "Off Topic" forum. I simply can't get there from here. My primary desktop system refuses to recognize that forum. All other forums in the Sysopt group are very assess able. I am having a problem with only the single forum.

When I'm viewing the list of Sysopt forums and click on the "Off Topic" forum, my system says "No way. I can't get there from here. I don't recognize that url", or something to that affect. The reason is that that forum has been assigned the url of "https://www.www.sysopt.com/forumdisplay.php?21-Off-Topic" on my computer. Notice that "www" is repeated. This is not something I'm entering, but what has been assigned as the url for that forum.

How do I correct this? Is it a problem on my system, or is it a Sysopt-wide problem?