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Thread: Videodownloadhelper not showing MP4-files anymore-win10s

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    Videodownloadhelper not showing MP4-files anymore-win10s

    could download youtube-videofiles -a few from the same set were corrupt-shown as MP4 beside mkv.
    can install the add-ont in edge and firefox. chrome not working despite their saying.
    yet could also install the co-add-on-app.

    when i wanted to redownload since some videos were corrupt and tried doint the steps which were adviced i could only see mkv-files for download. yes there is a converter. maybe i should try that now. Thanks
    At midnight i could DL some of the videos with firefox succesfully.
    How can i start from scratch by resetting VDLHelper? removing didnt help should i try to run ccleaner or/Uand regvac?
    yes i am about to set the converter.
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