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Thread: HP printer 2640 won't install

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    Thumbs up HP printer 2640 won't install

    ISSUE: cant install brand new HP 2640 printer with windows 10

    DISCUSSION: purchased new hp 2640 printer...did not come with installation cd..they direct u to their website to download drivers/install etc.

    Tried this 6X

    will not work...wonder if printer is not windows 10 compatible??

    can anyone help me with this...maybe email me the driver(s) so printer can be used....

    many thanx.

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    HP's Windows 10 software, drivers, firmware and diagnostic tools for your 2640 can be found on this page:

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    I'm Having Some trouble in setup my Hp Printer, I own Laser 1020 Plus Printer from the HP brand. I want to set it up, and for this, I followed various guides including this one [***deleted***] but still, Iím not able to set up my printer correctly.

    Please help me out and let me know how I can fix this issue.

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