So since many of us are ordered to shelter in place with little to do I have a fun question about good old windows ME.
Am I the only person to have used windows ME with out any issues? I was having this conversation with a co-worker about the disaster he experienced when he upgraded from win 98SE to ME.
My personal experience with windows ME was actually postive. Back in May of 2000 I built a pentium III system using a Asus CUSL2 motherboard and installed a 933MHZ pentium along with
512 MB of memory,
soundblaster live,
32MBvideo card,
SCSI card,
Ethernet card,
and even a zip drive.

This system had a swappable harddrive bay allowing me to use either windows 2000 or windows 98SE. After about 3 or 4 months I realized that win 2000 was far superior to win 98 and found my self using win 2000 about 85% of the time.
Early in 2001 I upgraded to windows ME because I installed a USB 2.0 card which refused to work with windows 98.
So for about 4 months I used windows ME about 50% of time with few issues and crashes .
Early in 2002 my windows 2000 hard drive just died . I was a litle slow in replacing and restoring it. for about maybe 5 weeks windows ME was my exclusive OS . Again no major issues.

So today I decided to pull my old PIII out of the closet and I actually using my windows ME OS to write this post.