after adding black tape and cutting out letters with knife(why will explained further down) i cannot use anymore keyboard. did everything which was advised. also win10s-reset and driver reinstallation. also delay. easy access.

Why taping keys?
Offering white version with white keys on their Ultrabooks is Acers big mistake.
If one need external light for viewing documents and keys will be in light when backlight is activated(automatically here) both are white and letter non-or hardly visible let alone when using in bed with flat angle. hope one can deactivate illumination.
the letters/signs are very thin. Not good.
So i taped the white surfaces of the keys by cutting out space for letters/sign.
When i wanted to try keyboard it was dead. Now tape is removed and keyboard still dead.

NB Couldnt wait any longer for new PC/Ultrabook, my desktops are 15 years-very aged. and black version is in delay for 2 months.
Btw: these 990g lightweight(no other netbook is lighter) can only be achieved by plastic.
Acer Spin 1-111- weak slow 4/64 had at least metall screen-frame. hit wooden ground(0.85cm FOUR times. Only one screw had to be replaced by a bigger one since thread worn out. have now a ground-protection. and will take steps so ultrabook cannot slip downwards anymore.
Acer Swift 5-SF514-54T-75E8(NXHLHEZ002)