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Thread: New Router Genexis 6880 WDM-Phone does not work anymore

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    New Router Genexis 6880 WDM-Phone does not work anymore

    Internet provider sent me new Router Genexis 6880 WDM since old one (Icotera)could be the reason for slow internet. But i am on old winxp-pc but new win10s-ultrabook on WLAN is also affected from slowness. I know its slower when not on LAN.

    Internet ok-Phone not working
    Router is working but only internet, not phone. phone LED is flashing/blinking should be constant.
    So provider told something was not properly set and sent me another router. Same problem, phone not working: Gigaset A415(by Siemens). I didnt change anything from the moment i switched from Icotera to Genexis-router.
    Where to look at? Will first get a new phone-cable.
    wasnt yet in admin-console. provider could have given me wrong access-adress. and it could be i have no access in winxp. worked with old router icotera.
    Should i replace fibercable from homebox to the line on wall? cannot be the line from homebox to router since both of the two routers were used. and they are fixed on router with a label.
    Thanks a lot
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